Recent News:

  • Chapala’s Hip Hop Show

    Hip Hop at Chapala’s? Yeah, that’s right. This Friday around 10PM I will be opening for “The Legenedary Cloud 9” at Chapala’s Blue Beetle Bar in Burtonsville, MD. They are also hosting a beer pong tournament so if that’s you thing, let’s PARTY!   The boys in The Legenedary Cloud 9…

  • FINALLY….an update for a change

    Finally… Welp, I finally got around to updating this site. On the watch page you will now see a feed of all my latest videos. I plan to add more content quite often and will be treating this as my hub for everything K33F related. Along with the video update comes…

  • K33F @ One Koast Presents: Showkase

    Milton J & the Leftovers, Freelance, Get ‘Em Wet, Secondhand, Joint Effort, GURU PRYME, K33f, Vitality Friday 10/10 Doors: 6:30pm / Show: 7:00pm Lineup: 7:00 Bobby K (20mins) 7:30 Freelance (35mins) 8:15 Joint Effort (35mins) 9:00 Keef (20mins) 9:30 Second Hand (35mins) 10:15 Get ‘Em Wet (35mins) 11:00 GURU PRYME…